PE Joint Filler

  • PE Joint Filler

    PE Joint Filler

    Good cushioning capacity: PE foam board has the characteristics of flexibility, light weight and elasticity, so it can absorb and disperse external impact force by bendingWaterproof and moisture-proof: PE foam board is made of foam material with independent bubbles, so there is almost no water-absorbing waterproof material, and it is not affected by climatic conditions.

    Available size, thickness and density:Densities from 19kg/m³ to 120kg/m³ are available.

    1. Joint plate of expansion joint for concrete road;
    2. Bridge joint water stop plate;
    3.Water conservancy project, counter dam, and slope protection;
    4. Joint water stop plate for the bottom of water and electricity, and water tower;
    5. For life water plant, sewage treatment plant;
    6. For port, wharf and concrete;
    7. For water tunnel;
    8. For metro, underground souterrain.

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